Upcoming Topics and Calendar

The 2014 series will feature a minimum of six topics, with more to be added based on demand. Future workshop descriptions will be added as they become available.

Upcoming Workshop Topics

  • The Big Disconnect: How technology use is changing the way adults and children think, act and interact · Date and time TBD

    Technology, or what Catherine Steiner-Adair calls the ”tech effect”, has transformed every facet of our lives. Designed to serve us, please us, inform us, entertain us and connect us, our digital devices have finally come to define us. With everyone always on a smartphone or other device, things are rapidly changing about communication, creativity, social relationships and family life. Used well, technology is an exciting tool to engage and expand learning but new research reveals the neurological, psychological, and physiological effects of technology use on adults and children.

    The Big Disconnect Workshop session will identify how widespread use of electronic devices is affecting our empathy, attention and family relationships and how it puts children in particular risk at every developmental stage. Humans are hard-wired to learn and develop in a social environment but increasingly technology mediates or supplants every experience. Dr. Steiner-Adair and our client and WFD panelists discuss the effects of technology on employees and their families and what we can all do about it.

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Workshop topics currently in development include:

  • Global Dependent Care Challenges and Solutions Worldwide
  • Creating a Workplace Culture of Innovation and Engagement
  • Innovative Solutions to the Workload Dilemma
  • Leveraging Inclusivity to Meet Business Objectives through Effective Business Resource Groups



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