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Information and Strategies for Managing Workload

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Practical workload solutions for the organization, team, managers, and employees

The Workload Dilemma

Many businesses are facing a "workload dilemma." Their employee surveys show that workload is reaching epic levels, significantly increasing employee stress and burnout and diminishing commitment. At the same time, senior managers are reluctant to add headcount and provide other resources that would reduce workload. While increased resources might be part of the solution, WFD has pioneered a range of workload solutions that resolve the "workload dilemma"-reducing stress, driving out low value work, optimizing existing human resources, and improving work-life effectiveness-without adding headcount.

WFD customizes workload solutions for our clients based upon their particular business context and employee needs. Those solutions attack excessive workload on two fronts, by developing resilient employees with a greater capacity to thrive in an environment of intensive workload and by increasing work efficiency and especially effectiveness. Workload initiatives advance on three levels: individual, team, and organization. WFD partners with our clients to combine these initiatives into strategies that address their unique circumstances.


A New Organizational Workload Solution

Workload Workout Process is a quick, effective Workload Solution to:

  • Reduce unnecessary low-value work, workload, employee stress and burnout
  • Increase time and energy to focus on high priority work and improve work-life integration
  • Improve employee engagement and resilience — the ability to function more effectively in a fast-paced, high stress work environment

Workload Workout Process can be implemented company-wide or in a business or functional unit. Employees take an on-line Workload Assessment to identify drivers of low value and unnecessary work, and workgroups participate in a 3-4 hour Workload Workout session to identify key drivers of workload, develop workload solutions and establish an action plan to drive out unnecessary work and build team and individual resilience. Senior leadership determines outcome measures based on business priorities and addresses systemic issues outside the control of work groups. A follow-up process measures results to drive continuous improvement.


Workload Solutions for the Individual

The Resilient Worker - A workshop for employees that fosters the characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors of resilience to better handle stress and the pressures of intense, continuous change.

Workload Solutions for the Team

Managing for Resilience - An interactive training program that identifies and develops the critical management practices and skills for creating a work environment in which resilience flourishes.

Team Effectiveness Process™ (TEP) - Often the best starting point for solving workload issues, this process engages and empowers workgroups to identify the practices and processes that cause excessive workload for their team and develop solutions and "quick wins" to improve teamwork, reduce low value work and stress, and enhance work-life effectiveness.

Workload Solutions for the Organization

Executive Briefing - In a highly interactive format, WFD's briefings present the business case and human costs of excessive workload and strategies for addressing workload issues without adding headcoun.

Workload Assessment - Using WFD's validated Resilience Survey and Workload Assessment tools singly or in combination or by re-analyzing your company's existing human resources data, we pinpoint the factors in the work environment as well as work practices and processes that have a negative impact on resilience and contribute to overwork, stress, and burnout. Based on the results of this assessment, we make recommendations for action and work with management teams to develop effective solutions.

Strategic Workload Planning - Starting, when possible, with feedback from the Workload Assessment, WFD engages senior managers in establishing strategies in six areas: leadership commitment, measurement, communication, organizational systems alignment, learning and development, and work-life effectiveness policies and initiatives.

Resilience Workout™ - A half-day, hands on, action-oriented session for leaders to identify resilience "killers" and develop targeted strategies for building a more resilient workplace.


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