Given today’s workforce demographics, WFD understands the importance of women's
retention and career development. We help companies create workplaces where the
talents of women are rewarded and help them define paths for attracting, developing
and retaining women.

Assessment and Strategy Development
WFD uses a multi-phase approach to women's advancement program development.
Our assessment helps organizations to understand the barriers to retention and
advancement of women by using Engagement Profiles and benchmarking studies.
WFD can recommend a strategy based on comprehensive research and implement
solutions based on timetables and budgets of the client. And we can help you create
standards of measurement to track progress over time and build improvements.

Workplace Practices

WFD's innovative solutions to women's retention and advancement can be seen in the
application of a variety of strategies and programs, including: workplace flexibility
program design; women's task force facilitation and networking; work redesign;
dependent care consulting; work-life program redesign; and human resource policy

Training and Development
WFD has created a set of training and development services designed to give organizations the tools they need to capitalize on women's talents and build and maintain a strong pipeline. WFD's services include executive briefings on how to leverage women as a critical segment of the workforce as well as women's development programs designed to help women overcome the real barriers they face in organizations. We offer a variety of programs to enhance women's personal and leadership development, including a comprehensive peer mentoring program for early career/management women; leadership training for high potential women in mid-level management positions; and micro-inequities training to foster a more inclusive work environment.

Additional Information on Women’s Advancement




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