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Business Problem:
In a highly competitive, tight labor market, the general manager of a wafer fab group was concerned about retaining skilled employees. The demanding 24x7 environment was taking a toll on people and he couldn’t afford to lose anyone. He wanted to find a way to give people more flexibility – fewer hours and an increased ability to take holidays and Sundays off – without an impact on cost or quality.

Through a team based process, several problems and solutions were identified. Employees reported frequent and ineffective meetings, poor prioritization, rigid work requirements, constant interruptions and crisis management were contributing to long, unpredictable work hours and work-life conflicts. Engineers were frustrated by the lack of time they had for problem solving and to effectively engage in process improvement efforts. They developed longer term solutions like cross training of staff to increase flexibility and coverage.

As a result of this process, meetings were reduced by 20%, daily operations reviews were cut from five to three, and teams were restructured for greater flexibility and coverage. There was a positive impact on employees’ morale and quality of work-life, and retention of employees was higher than in other areas of the company.

“The Work/Life Dialogue Process we have developed in partnership with WFD Consulting offers teams a way to identify inefficient work processes and work-style issues that they can control. It helps participants make positive changes that can improve productivity and individual work-life effectiveness.”

Betty Purkey
Manager, Work/Life Strategies
Texas Instruments

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