Resilience is the ability to bounce back or recover from adversity, the ability to remain productive and healthy in pressured and demanding situations and in times of disruptive change

  • Resilience breaks the costly stress-illness cycle for business
  • Resilience helps employees enrich their lives and achieve their personal goals
  • Resilience is not a genetically fixed trait
  • Resilience can be learned

Resilient employees feel confident that they can manage the pressures of their work and that they can maintain job performance during times of change

There is growing concern about the costs of stress. Today's work environment is characterized by fast pace, chronic pressure, constant change, and high performance demands but today's workforce reports higher levels of stress and burnout.

  • 80% of American workers say they have experienced stress-related problems
  • 36% of employees say the stress they feel affects their health
  • 54% of employees say they frequently feel physically or emotionally drained at the end of the workday

Stress impairs performance and exemplifies itself in burnout, work-life conflict, reduced customer service, lowered morale, and medical and disability costs

  • One million workers are out with stress-related illnesses every day
  • Stress costs U.S. employers about $300 billion per year in lost time, health care, disability, replacement costs
  • Business leaders recognize the need to foster resilience in their workforce and organizations.

How resilient is your organization?

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Learn how WFD can help you build resilience inside and out.

WFD's research shows that the following actions are vital to building resilient workplaces:

  • Engaging and educating leaders about the business costs of low resilience.
  • Identifying threats to resilience in the organization and prioritize targets for improvement.
  • Empowering managers and enhancing their capabilities to foster resilience and to help employees navigate the pressures and changes at work.
  • Addressing and managing employee workload; engaging teams in eliminating inefficiencies and practices that lead to burnout.
  • Equipping employees with resilience skills
  • Monitoring resilience regularly


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