The Problem: The company wanted to increase employee satisfaction, performance,
and retention as a way to also increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Our Solution: WFD invited all managers of the bank for a three-day quality program.
Part of the program was an insightful management training workshop on work-life
issues and workplace flexibility. Managers learned how to integrate family/personal
considerations and work processes and schedules for optimum results. What's
more, we also introduced a work-life problem-solving process that provides a
consistent approach to utilizing flexible work arrangements as business tools.

Results: The numbers of employees who felt their managers were supportive of work-
life issues increased from 50% to 75% after the training, and employees with
supportive supervisors have stayed with the bank an average of 50% longer than
those without, saving the bank $1 million in turnover costs per year. What's more, 85%
of full-timers who were prepared to leave for family reasons decided to stay when
part-time options were introduced, saving the bank $5,000 - $10,000 per non-
management employee, and $50,000 per executive. After introducing flexible
schedules, the account processing department reduced the days needed to reconcile
accounts from 10 days to 4. Increased employee satisfaction and retention has led to
increased customer retention. The bank now has one of the highest customer
retention rates of any bank in the country, keeping 7% more customers than before
the initiative was implemented.

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