MEASUREMENT: Assessment, Diagnosis,
Evaluation, and Benchmarking

WFD's measurement services help organizations create superior workplaces that advance both business and employee interests. Our measurement capability is the broadest and deepest in the business and our customized tools accurately measure those employee behaviors that drive crucial bottom-line results like turnover, health care costs, productivity, innovation, and time to market.

WFD has extensive experience in both quantitative and qualitative data collection including internet, telephone, and mail surveys plus focus groups and one-on-one interviews. And, if you are already flooded with data, we will work with your existing data to help you understand it and use it most effectively to establish strategic direction and develop specific initiatives.


WFD Consulting evaluates where you stand now and helps you understand what you need to advance workforce development and workplace effectiveness. Our assessments can examine:

  • Workplace Climate & Culture
  • Employee Engagement
  • Stress & Burnout
  • Employee Resilience
  • Dispersed Workforce Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Workplace Support
  • Diversity and Women's Advancement
  • Child Care Center Feasibility
  • Formal Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Informal Workplace Flexibility
  • Expected Retention
  • Reasons Considering Leaving
  • Use & Awareness of Programs

These data inform:

  • Human Resources Strategy
  • Work-Life Strategy
  • Dependent Care Strategy
  • Inclusion/Diversity/Equity Strategy

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Our custom HR Diagnostic Research helps you understand and solve thorny organizational issues such as:

  • Why aren't women and minorities advancing within the organization?
  • What is causing the recent spike in turnover in our sales force?
  • How can we increase productivity and employee satisfaction at the same time?
  • What percentage of employees is leaving the organization in search of balance and flexibility?
  • How is workplace stress affecting our healthcare costs?

Evaluation and Outcome Metrics

No employee program or initiative can be considered a success without validated outcome metrics to support it. Don't be caught without a clear understanding of the ROI of each of your programs.

  • HR Dashboard. Annual, quarterly, or more frequent reporting on the key employee variables that produce business results in your organization.
  • Flexibility and Remote Work. Is your flexibility policy having the desired affect of reducing turnover and increasing productivity? Who is using flexible work options? What is the impact? How well is your remote workforce being managed? How effective and productive is your remote workforce? What improvements should be made? What is the ROI of flexibility in your organization?
  • Work Redesign. Quantify the percentage of low value work and identify what is driving it. Determine actionable solutions to logjams in the way teams work.
  • Women's Advancement & Diversity. Are your diversity programs working? Track the progress of women and minorities through the pipeline and identify high risk points.
  • Child Care Center Audit. Ensure your company's child care investment is prudent and effective.


Our extensive database is comprised of over 100,000 employees from 40 leading organizations. This ability to benchmark provides our clients with valuable comparative information and enhances our analysis and recommendations. Find out how your company compares with others in the industry or across industries, and identify where your organization stands on “best practices” in virtually every area of human resources and talent.

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