Hotel and Lodging Company

Business Problem:
A culture of long work hours with 24x7 operations and a minimum requirement of 50 hours a week on site was taking a toll on managers. It was increasingly difficult to recruit talented people and some of their best managers were leaving – often because they wanted to spend more time with their families.

Three properties were selected to pilot a team process for improving work-life balance for managers while maintaining the quality of customer service.
The criteria for success of these pilots were:
- reduced work hours
- less job stress and burnout
- no adverse impact on company’s financial performance
- sustained high quality of service to guests


As a result of this process, managers’ work hours were reduced by 5 hours per week and the time managers spent on low-value work decreased by 50% per week. There was no negative cost or organizational impact on hotel operations, and the ability to manage work and personal commitments improved as well. Before the pilot, 77% of managers felt that their jobs were so demanding that they couldn’t take care of their personal and family responsibilities. At the end of the pilot, that number had plummeted to 36%.

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