Successful companies worldwide know that an effective dependent care strategy—both child care and elder care—is critical to becoming an employer of choice. Competition for talent is fierce. WFD has helped leading companies create and implement best-practice, business based dependent care programs and strategies in over 40 locations throughout the world, designed to attract and retain the best talent by providing access to high quality child and elder care where employees live and work.

Dependent Care Strategy
More and more employees rely on the availability and use of community resources to
allow them to go to work, stay at work, and be more effective at work. Because of this,
companies realize that they must reach outside their organization and strengthen the
community resources that support their workforce.

WFD’s approach to dependent care program development often includes:

• Conducting needs assessment through interviews, focus groups, and surveys to
understand employee and business needs

• Developing strategies that align with business needs, employee and management
concerns, and available community resources

• Designing innovative solutions such as emergency/backup care programs, after-
school programs for middle school students, training curricula, elder care supports,
and supports for mature workers

• Implementing solutions that provide employees with improved quality of care for their
children and elders. Projects are implemented through a competitive vendor selection
process and managed by WFD’s team of child and elder care experts.

• Vendor management from start-up to completion, including contract negotiation,
oversight, reporting and budget management.

Child Care Center Consulting
Corporate-sponsored child care centers have proven to be one of the most tangible and
highly visible signs of a company’s commitment to its employees. WFD’s expertise
allows us to help you assess child care needs and determine center feasibility. If
setting up a child care center is an appropriate solution for your company, WFD guides
you through every step of the process, from vendor selection, to subsidy program
recommendations, to ongoing evaluation.

Global Expertise
WFD provides dependent care consulting to companies both in the U.S. and
internationally. We have conducted needs assessments in more than twenty-five
countries on six continents. WFD develops and manages dependent care projects such
as child care centers, summer camps, backup care, resource and referral programs,
and seminars through ongoing relationships with local experts and vendors.

Collaborative Fund Management
WFD has brokered many successful partnerships between Fortune 100 companies
and communities throughout the United States.

Individual companies often feel that they alone cannot have a substantial impact on
dependent care resources in their communities. That’s why WFD effectively brings
companies, together to create corporate-sponsored community investment options.
Pooled resources enable communities to offer richer dependent care initiatives—which
ultimately benefit the business involved.

Since 1992, WFD has managed over $130 million for the American Business
Collaboration for Quality Dependent Care (ABC)—the largest fund of its kind led by
major corporations—resulting in more than 1,700 dependent care projects across the

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