Creating Sustainable Advantage in the Competition for Critical Talent

Building on its twenty-five years helping organizations meet their talent challenges, WFD Consulting is bringing the methods and techniques of modern competitive business strategy to identifying, attracting, engaging, and retaining the talent that is critical to business success. Even though organizations may have several segments of critical talent that demand unique responses—like executives, mid-level high potentials, biomedical engineers, or sales representatives, they typically compete with an undifferentiated, one-size-fits-all talent strategy. WFD helps clients identify their critical talent segments and craft a unique talent strategy that differentiates them from their competitors in each segment.

WFD works collaboratively with its clients to guide them through a six-step process to help them win the competition for talent.

In addition to WFD’s deep experience in talent management, exceptional consulting and measurement team, and reputation for innovation and impeccable quality, we bring two special capabilities to the competition for critical talent:

Data Driven Differentiation WFD’s comprehensive research on critical talent for the American Business Collaboration gives us the capability to create precise differentiators in each critical talent segment by comparing employee needs and requirements in your organization with employees in competitive organizations. Our extensive database allows us to view differentiation by occupation, gender, race, age, education, industry, company size, compensation, flexible work arrangement, and other categories that matter in your workplace.
Sustainability Focus We create sustainable competitive advantage for our clients by building unique differentiators that are extremely difficult for competitors to copy. We recognize that compensation is typically not sustainable—it is easy to match dollar-for-dollar and ultimately is a continuously escalating game—so we look for other differentiators that are as powerful as money but cost our clients less. In survey after survey, work-life integration is identified as a key factor, often the key factor, in recruitment and retention. WFD’s leading, innovative solutions in work-life offer a hard-to-imitate challenge to talent competitors.


WFD Consulting offers the following services to meet your critical talent needs:
1. Benchmark study to compare your organization's results to New Career Paradigm national study data

2. Executive briefing for senior leadership to understand the recruitment, retention, and engagement issues related to your organization's critical talent

3. Development and implementation of a critical talent strategy and action plan to attract, engage, and retain each talent segment

4. Critical Talent Analysis and Plan - WFD partners with you to identify your critical talent employee segments, decide which are at risk, determine what will attract, retain, and engage each segment, develop a competitive strategy for each segment, integrate those strategies to create a business-wide critical talent plan, and then implement the plan.


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