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The Team FlexWork™ Process supports managers and teams with the tools to use flexibility as a way to increase efficiency, agility, engagement, recruitment, retention, productivity and work-life integration without negatively impacting collaboration and relationships. Specific outcomes for stakeholders are:

For the Organization:

  • Increased ability to compete for talent
  • Increased effectiveness, agility and productivity
  • Increased performance and innovation
  • Identification and reduction of inefficient low-value work

For the Team:

  • Better planning
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enhanced communication, collaboration, innovation & teamwork

For the Individual:

  • Increased engagement and job satisfaction
  • More flexibility and control over when, where and how work is done to achieve personal and organizations success resulting in:
    • Reduced stress and burnout
    • Better work-life integration
    • Autonomy and control over “time”





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