Innovative Workplace Flexibility Options for Hourly Workers

WFD Consulting is pleased to announce the release of an important new study, Innovative Workplace Flexibility Options for Hourly Workers. Researched and authored by WFD, the study links workplace flexibility for hourly workers with the achievement of core business goals, including recruitment, retention, employee engagement, cost control, productivity, and bottom line results. Workplace flexibility is a key management tool to meet these business objectives, and is, in fact, as successful for hourly workers as when implemented for salaried employees.

While the positive business and employee benefits of flexible work options for management and professional workers have been widely known, the new research affirms that the business and employee impacts of flexibility for hourly workers are equal, if not greater. The study demonstrates how innovative flexibility practices are being utilized as a key recruitment and retention strategy with hourly employees, and as an effective tool for enhancing productivity while controlling costs and supporting employee work-life effectiveness.

With over 25 years of experience in consulting and implementation services, WFD partners with clients to create comprehensive, customized flexibility strategies that serve hourly as well as professional and managerial employees and achieve business objectives. WFD guides clients in develop a strategic, business-based approach to building a flexible work environment supported by practical tools and action-oriented solutions that ensure consistent and effective organization wide implementation.

Our new FlexMetrix™ system for tracking use and effectiveness of flexible work practices, based on WFD’s years of research and extensive flexibility data base, features an ROI calculator to quantify business impacts and inform the organization’s next steps for enhancing the use of flexibility as a critical business tool.

The study was produced by Corporate Voices for Working Families and funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

View the full report, Innovative Workplace Flexibility Options for Hourly Workers

View the executive summary

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