The world has changed.  Your workforce may now be global – more diverse as well as dispersed.  Employees need more mobility to be optimally productive, and people think of work more as something they do, not somewhere they go every day. 

This training is designed to help your staff decide if they're good candidates for a remote work arrangement, and if they are, it will provide them with the guidelines and information to make their telecommuting experience a successful one. 

It covers the steps through which they'll need to progress in order to use the telecommuting experience to produce both maximum productivity and satisfaction.  It covers the qualifications necessary for success, helps them prepare a proposal to request a Telework arrangement and addresses many of the challenges they'll face as new Teleworkers.   

Course Contents 
The e-Course has four main modules:

  • First steps to success 
    Employees begin by taking a test we call "The Core Competencies" - a list of the qualities that contribute to a Teleworker's success.  They'll explore what areas of their job make it appropriate (or not) for remote work, assess their own qualifications for working remotely, and learn more about the remote work options.  Finally they'll set some personal goals for their Telecommuting arrangement.
  • Planning with your manager 
    In this module they'll learn about each of the elements a telecommuting proposal must contain, have an opportunity to study a sample proposal, and will prepare their own proposal for submission to their manager.
  • Making Telework succeed 
    In this module, participants will get some suggestions for keeping their career on track, discover some of the challenges presented by working remotely and practice resolving them.  They'll get some tips for success, practice setting priorities and learn new ways of ensuring that their arrangement will be a successful one for both Teleworker and employer.
  • Working from home 
    Employees will plan their home office, create a communications plan for staying in touch with manager and staff, practice dealing with family, friends and neighbors and avoiding the temptations and distractions that accompany a home office.  They will have a chance to test their knowledge with a short quiz after each module, and the results of a final quiz may be tracked and reported to employers. 

Online e-Courses may be hosted by your organization internally (WFD will provide a downloadable file) or hosted by WFD on a specially customized site. 

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