Team FlexWork™ Process

The desired outcome of the Team FlexWork™ Process is to support managers and teams with a process and tools for using flexibility as a way to increase efficiency, agility, engagement, recruitment, retention, productivity and work-life integration without negatively impacting collaboration and relationships.  Specific outcomes for stakeholders are:

For the Organization: 

  • Increased ability to compete for talent 
  • Increased effectiveness, agility and productivity 
  • Increased performance and innovation 
  • Identification and reduction of inefficient, low-value work 

For the Team: 

  • Better planning 
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Enhanced communication, collaboration, innovation & teamwork 

For the Individual: 

  • Increased engagement and job satisfaction 
  • More flexibility and control over when, where and how work is done to achieve personal and organizational success resulting in: 
    • Reduced stress and burnout 
    • Better work-life integration 
    • Autonomy and control over "time"

WFD was founded in 1983 on the belief that companies achieve extraordinary business results when employee, customer and business needs are aligned.  We continue to be at the forefront of diagnosing and responding to emerging workforce trends.  Beginning in the 1980’s we led the way by identifying and naming the “work-life” movement and were at the forefront of measuring the connection between employee engagement and business results.  In the early 2000’s we introduced leading research highlighting changes to the way work is done (When the Workplace is Many Places andNew Career Paradigm).  And we were commissioned to produce leading-edge research on the Business Impacts of Flexibility.  Our Flexibility Spectrum is considered the model for achieving New Ways of Working and building a culture of flexibility.

Building a Culture of Flexibility


WFD's Flexibility Spectrum

Today, we continue to map strategies and new, simplified work practices for the global, 24/7 workplace with:

  • demonstrated linkages between employee wellness, resilience and business performance
  • techniques to reduce low value work that simplify how, when and where work is done
  • targeted integration of work-life effectiveness programs and services for employees at all career/life stages
  • utilization of  flexible work practices at the individual, team and work group levels
  • articulation and promotion of best practices and “next” practices in diversity strategy and leadership necessary for attracting and retaining the future workforce

WFD Consulting provides a unique, solution-focused perspective on the people issues that impact business.  In all aspects of our work with our clients we are results driven, research-based, organizationally tested, and globally focused. 

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