The trend is clear: mentoring has moved away from an exclusive, intensive, one-on-one, long-term relationship between two people to a diverse network of advisors to support different aspects of one’s career development. The traditional mentor/mentee relationship is much less effective in the current business environment because of the mobility of individuals, pace of business, dispersed nature of the workforce, complexity of careers, and level of effort for organizations to match and support one-on-one mentoring. While one-on-one relationships are effective for many, having multiple relationships is well-suited to today’s work environment and more easily implemented by organizations.

WFD has created Peer Mentoring Circles Programs 1 & 2 to support talent management objectives in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive talent marketplace.  With a skill-building curriculum, relationship-building activities, handbooks and session guides, these programs offer a cost-effective and sustainable mentoring/professional development solution that is “high touch/low administration.” 

Our clients are utilizing these programs to provide employees with the skills, networking, and career development support necessary to enhance and build the talent pipeline.  In many cases our clients have implemented these programs as part of their Diversity & Inclusion efforts.

The Mentoring Circles Program for Mid-Career Career Employees (MCP2) is a self-contained and sustainable peer mentoring program.  Participants meet once a month for two hours over the course of a year for networking, skill-building, and exposure to cross-functional management issues. Groups should be no larger than eight to ten mid-career men and women.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Provide mentoring, networking, skill-building, and exposure to cross-functional management issues
  • Create a peer network that helps build self-confidence as well as personal and professional effectiveness
  • Promote self-directed career management through a three-session series at the end of the program
  • Position participants for senior leadership

The program includes session guides with instructions for facilitation.  All sessions include a 60-minute curriculum topic as well as a 40-minute case study presentation by a participant on a management challenge in his/her area. Assignments include reading and exercises designed to prepare each individual to fully engage in each session.

Click here for more details on the MCP2 program and the materials provided.

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