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While most of us want a "high performing" workplace, and it is generally accepted that high levels of engagement equals high levels of performance, the average workplace cannot claim that distinction.  The 2011 Blessing-White "Employee Engagement Report"  found fewer than one in three employees worldwide are engaged and nearly one in five are actually disengaged.   

What qualities create engagement?  How does a manager move from "normal" to "high performance"?  This course seeks to answer those questions.  It begins with the qualities present in a high performing workplace.  The four modules are packed with suggestions and tips for increasing productivity, engagement and performance.     

Course Contents 
The e-Course has four main modules:

  • Defining roles and setting goals 
    In this module, participants define success for themselves and discover how to track their progress and practice evaluating, recognizing and rewarding success.
  • Improving your management skills 
    This module provides ways of evaluating the performance of both managers and employees.  Managers will learn about redesigning the work, introducing and managing flexible work arrangements, keeping employees and staff motivated and managing virtual teams.
  • Creating a high performance workplace 
    Participants will discover the "five essential work categories of a psychologically healthy workplace" and the approach for creating each.  They will get suggestions and tips for creating a compelling workplace where good employees will stay and thrive, learn ways to deal with the stress that threatens to disempower today's employees, and receive an abundance of realistic tips for creating the workplace they've always wanted.
  • Meeting challenges 
    What stands in the way of the workplace we dream about?  This module identifies eight factors and coaches participants to be "ask" people, rather than "tell" people, questioning staff to discern what's really important to them, how they might resolve an issue or solve a problem.  The session concludes with concrete suggestions for helping workers to remain committed and productive and creating the high performance workplace they've been hoping for. 

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