Should workplace flexibility really be the responsibility of Human Resources?  The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) says the answer is yes!  In July 2010, SHRM joined Families and Work Institute in a national campaign to engage the business community and broaden awareness for the positive business and employee benefits of workplace flexibility. 

Their Statement of Support says, "We believe that well-implemented workplace flexibility leads to increased employee commitment and engagement, greater productivity, reduced turnover, reduced stress and, accordingly, increased profitability." 

This course offers Human Resource professionals a step-by-step guide to introducing workplace flexibility.  It will help make the business case and present it, enroll colleagues in the effort, and introduce pilots with carefully set goals and measures.  It will assist participants in tracking the results, fixing what didn't work and publicizing successes.   

Course Contents 
The e-Course has four main modules:

  • Understanding workplace flexibility 
    As the title implies, this module will help human resources staff review the variety of flexible work arrangements, discover the proven payoff for those arrangements and prepare them to make a business case for their efforts, if necessary, and become familiar with a "results-only" work environment.
  • Taking the plunge 
    In this module human resource professionals will learn more about creating a task force, and why and how it can be helpful in their efforts.  They will receive everything needed to conduct necessary information gathering before proceeding, including survey and focus group questions.  Finally they will learn how to enroll managers and begin the process of creating pilots.
  • Making Telework succeed 
    Human resources professionals will learn the facts about Telework - why it succeeds in some cases and fails in others - and how to contribute to its success.  And they will prepare themselves to help their managers be fully prepared.
  • Flexibility for low-wage and hourly workers 
    In this module human resources professionals will exploreThe Fair Labor Standards Act.  They will discuss scheduling challenges and practice resolving them.  In addition they will get a few final tips for helping their organization and its managers make flexibility support business objectives. 

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