WFD Consulting Announces New Partnership

New Partnership Will Bring Practical Online Courses to Implement Flexibility Effectively in Workplaces Worldwide.

April 9, 2012, Waltham, MA – WFD Consulting, the internationally recognized Massachusetts-based work-life consulting firm, is pleased to announce the addition of practical Web-based e-courses on workplace flexibility and telework to their product offerings.

WFD Consulting has created a partnership with WFC Resources, a well respected Minnesota-based firm that has developed customizable e-courses, used in more than 100 companies worldwide, to help managers and employees work together to create a flexible, engaged, productive and innovative workforce to drive business results.

The Web-based courses have been modified by WFD and are designed to help both managers and employees learn tips and strategies for implementing successful flexible workplace practices. These basic courses can be offered by organizations as they are, or they can be easily customized to align with an organization's flexibility guidelines and approach. Specialized versions are available for human resource staff as well as specific industries, including colleges and universities and hospitals and health care organizations. There is also a customized version for managers in a union environment.

Says WFD Consulting president Debbie Phillips, “The way we work and do business is changing, and we’re all looking for ways to increase productivity and enhance business results. Providing tools that help managers and employees use their time effectively and efficiently in today’s technology-focused, 24x7 work reality is a business imperative. Everyone is being asked to do more with less, and companies are watching employee engagement and loyalty scores drop significantly. Disengaged employees have a detrimental impact on the work environment and on organizations’ talent management objectives.”

“We believe these e-courses can be an important tool to drive employee engagement, retention and recruitment by providing consistent messages, information and guidance for establishing flexible, high performance workplaces that meet business, customers’ and employees’ needs.”

“In fact,” adds Phillips, “they fit perfectly with our mission – to enable organizations to provide the programs and services that help employees manage their work and personal lives so they can contribute fully to the business success of their organization.”

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