Elements of Successful Organizations

WFD Consulting is pleased to announce that our Senior Consultant, Amy Richman, is one of the esteemed authors in The Workforce Institute™ at Kronos Incorporated’s publication of its second book, an anthology on workforce management issues affecting both hourly and salaried workers. Elements of Successful Organizations is a rich collection of articles written by some of the most distinguished human capital management thought leaders. The book looks at the similarities that successful organizations share and provides actionable advice on how to replicate this success.

Elements of Successful Organizations is organized in three sections that represent essential components of a successful organization: Strong Leadership, Smart Management, and Engaged Employees. Within each section, authors tap into their own deep experience and expertise in various industries to deliver anecdotes and advice on how to achieve success.

Elements of Successful Organizations is available on for a list price of $21.95. To learn more about how to develop and implement successful flexibility programs with professional and hourly workers please contact Amy Richman at 617-219-8723.











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