A leader is one who knows the way,
goes the way and shows the way.
— John C. Maxwell

Here at WFD Consulting, we feel the loss of Gwen Morgan acutely. Gwen was not only our co-founder, but she was also an engaged friend, an inspiring educator, and a visionary leader. From our earliest days in the 1980’s working with IBMand subsequently many other pioneering companies both in the US and abroadon the challenging issues of work/family balance, Gwen never compromised on her commitment to quality child care. In her sometimes eccentric and always good-natured way, Gwen was able to bridge two seemingly disparate worldsFortune 500 corporations on the one hand; small, usually non-profit child care providers on the other. Gwen helped all of us see the common interests we all share: that children deserve safe and loving environments in which to learn and play; that parents want and deserve the best for their families; that employers do better when their employees are supported and valued; and that individuals, the private sector, and government all have roles to play in making this happen. In innumerable concrete ways, Gwen’s voice lives on: in policy, licensing and regulation, education and training, resource & referral coordination, and quality standards on the national, regional and local levels. Gwen was an exemplary teacher for much of her life, and we have all, in some way, been her students. The world has been enriched enormously by not only Gwen’s own contributions, but by the lasting impact she has left on all of us, on WFD as a company, and on the field of child development.

Our hearts are heavy, but we at WFD feel incredibly blessed to have had the privilege of knowing and working with such a passionate and supportive individual. Love and prayers go out to her family. All of us at WFD will miss Gwen terribly.

Gwen Morgan
1925 - 2015

September 9, 2015









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