WFD Consulting, founded in 1983, pioneered a new generation of employee benefits and services to assist companies in responding to the needs of a changing workforce. In 1983, Work/Family Directions was formed, initially as a joint venture between Rodgers and Associates and Wheelock College, to develop, implement and manage a comprehensive child care resource and referral service program for IBM employees; the first nationwide resource and referral program of its kind. Under Fran Sussner Rodgers’ leadership, Work/ Family Directions, Inc. was subsequently incorporated in 1986. Work/Family Directions, Inc. experienced rapid growth as many new clients that were also interested in offering our childcare resources and referral signed on, including Xerox, American Express, NationsBank (now Bank of America). In 1987, an elder-care resource and referral program as well as research and consulting services were added.

In 1990, Work/Family Directions began offering counseling support and resources that included other areas that impacted the ability to manage work and personal responsibilities such as education issues for kids, help with the adoption process and the entire area of adult disabilities, this became our family resource program. Also in 1990 Work/Family Directions began managing corporate capital initiatives aimed at increasing the quality and supply of community based services for children and elders of its client employees. In 1992 Work/ Family Directions began a major service redesign that resulted in the launching of LifeWorks®. The LifeWorks® program became the new umbrella for everything Work/Family did to help people deal with transitions over an entire life cycle. 1992 also saw the launch of the American Business Collaboration, in which organizations collaborated and provided financial investment in the development of and access to high quality dependent care programs in locations where funding companies’ employees lived and worked. The American Business Collaboration (ABC), designed and managed by WFD, continued through 2009. Over the years the ABC invested more than $139,000,000 in quality dependent care programs, leading edge research, development of new programs such as school vacation/holiday programs, backup care, Summer of Service for middle school youth, Science, Engineering and Technology Camps (SET), Empower Online & Making Sense of Memory Loss virtual training and networking support, Exceptional Caregiving Website and many, many more.

In 1998, Fran sold Work/Family Directions’ LifeWorks® program to Ceridian Performance Partners, retained the community development (including the ABC) and consulting areas of the business, and changed the external name of the business to WFD Consulting, Inc. In 1999, WFD Consulting began conducting global needs assessments for IBM and consulted on the design, development, implementation and management of its Global Work Life Fund, a $50,000,000 fund dedicating to supporting the work and personal needs of IBM employees worldwide.

In August, 2003, WFD Consulting became employee owned, with a new leadership structure. Throughout our history WFD has provided consulting support to our clients around the world with a clear focus and mission – to enable corporations to provide the programs and services that help them manage their work and personal lives so they can contribute fully to the business success of their organization. WFD continues to achieve success for our clients through our cutting-edge research, assessment expertise, results-based strategy development and implementation support, and business-based evaluation/outcome measurement in the areas of Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Women’s Advancement, Mentoring, Flexibility, Workload Management, New Ways of Working in a Global Work Environment, Organization Resilience, Dependent Care Strategy and Implementation, Child Care Financial Audit, Work-Life Desk Audit and many other services customized to meet our clients’ diverse needs and business objectives.


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