WFD’s culture and values are evidenced in our commitment to the quality of our work, innovation, and dedication to our client, shareholder and employee needs. We are passionate and committed to being the thought leader in research, development and implementation of effective results-based solutions that impact the quality of life for employees and create competitive business and talent advantage for our clients. We strive to form strong, lasting and collaborative relationships with our clients and partners around the world. Helping companies shape their cultures to create inspiring work environments and dedicated, resilient employees reflects our own internal work environment which is built on a foundation of inclusion, collaboration, flexibility, trust and mutual respect.

At WFD we:

  • Respect and value the individual contributions and creativity of our employees at all levels.
  • Respect diversity and strive to meet our employee’s diverse needs to support professional and personal success.  
  • Strive to provide a flexible, results-based work environment that allows people to have control over when, where and how work is done to meet business objectives and to maximize their individual potential/contributions.  




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