WFD was founded on the belief that companies achieve extraordinary business results when employee, customer and business needs are aligned.  We continue to be at the forefront of diagnosing and responding to future workforce trends.  Beginning in the 1980’s we led the way by identifying and naming the “work-life” movement and were at the forefront of measuring the connection between employee engagement and business results.  In the early 2000’s we introduced leading research highlighting changes to the way work is done (When the Workplace is Many Places and New Career Paradigm). Today, we are mapping strategies and new, simplified work practices for the global, 24/7 workplace with:

  • demonstrated linkages between employee wellness, resilience and business performance
  • techniques to reduce low value work that simplify how, when and where work is done
  • targeted integration of work-life effectiveness programs and services for employees at all career/life stages
  • utilization of  flexible work practices at the individual, team and work group levels
  • articulation and promotion of best practices and “next” practices in diversity strategy and leadership necessary for attracting and retaining the future workforce

WFD Consulting provides a unique, solution-focused perspective on the people issues that impact business.  In all aspects of our work with our clients we are:

Results Driven
WFD’s focus is on results for employers and employees alike.  WFD and others have documented the very strong relationship between an organization’s support of employees’ work-life needs and the positive effect on employee engagement.  In turn, employee engagement is strongly associated with productivity, profit and customer satisfaction.  These associations serve as the foundation of our work with clients. Further, WFD ensures that the policies and practices we recommend are the right ones for each client based on customized measurement that drives decision making and tracks achievement of desired outcomes.   

Globally Focused
WFD has designed and implemented dependent care, work-life strategy, flexible work arrangements, women’s advancement and retention, diversity strategy and work innovation consulting projects in more than thirty countries.  Our global work-life strategies capitalize on the cost efficiencies of shared corporate principles and practices while allowing for local initiatives and differences.
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WFD’s action-oriented solutions are always based on sound research and measurement.  We maintain an extensive database of workforce and workplace measures, representing over half a million employees, enabling us to benchmark our clients’ performance with comparable firms. Our team brings business acumen and an action orientation to quantitative and qualitative research.




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