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Re-Framing Work/Life Integration
Given the business challenges related to Work/Life Integration, WFD Consulting is re-framing Work/Life Integration into 4 elements that impact Employee Productivity and Engagement. Please contact us to learn more about ways to re-align Work/Life programs to support employee engagement and productivity during and after this global pandemic.

Speaking to Influence Podcast

Deb Phillips: Speaking to Influence
Deb Phillips, WFD Consulting President, was recently interviewed on the Speaking to Influence podcast by Dr. Laura Sicola, renowned influence coach, about this important topic. Her show is all about the role of communication as an essential skill set for inspiring leadership.

Click HERE to listen and feel free to share the link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/debbie-phillips-president-wfd-consulting-work-life/id1515649028

2019 Featured Research Workplace climate survey, strategy and implementation Team FlexWork Process Work/Life Desk Audit Download "Gender Gap at the Top: What's Keeping Women From Leading Corporate America"


Gender Identity and the Dynamic Workforce: Creating an Inclusive Workplace Today’s workplaces and workforces have never been so dynamic, but one area that has received little attention is gender identity. Microsoft sponsored this study to better understand and address the needs of employees who identify as transgender and gender nonbinary. They commissioned WFD Consulting to examine the experiences of workers in a variety of industries and provide actionable recommendations that would be useful to all types of organizations.
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Gender Gap at the Top: The Working Mother Research Institute has just released a groundbreaking report, "Gender Gap at the Top: What's Keeping Women From Leading Corporate America." WFD Consulting was an integral part of this research, conducting and analyzing in-person focus groups of men and women at all levels in corporate America.
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WFD's Research on Working Families in Major Transition: WFD's research investigates how working families are responding to changing social and economic trends, and suggests approaches to support workers in their working and caregiving roles.
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WFD Consulting is pleased to announce that the report Leveling the Playing Field: Attracting, Engaging and Advancing People with Disabilities has been released to the public by The Conference board. The report, whose lead author is WFD's Peter Linkow, includes a comprehensive, evidence-based business case for hiring and effectively employing people with disabilities.
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Global Study on Men and Work-Life Integration reveals that, when it comes to work and family, men and women are more alike than different.  This finding conflicts with a widely-held assumption that men identify more strongly with work and women with personal/family life.
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Survey: The State of Work-Life 2010
Senior management in a wide range of industries has maintained its commitment to work-life. Staffing and budgets are holding their own. However, there is a curious mismatch between the most serious workforce issues identified by companies and where they are investing their resources.
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Workload in America 2010
Findings from WFD's Second Annual Survey of Workload Issues confirm that even as the economy begins to improve, workloads for employees and managers continue to escalate and stress is taking its toll. Organizations are concerned about the potential impacts and how they can respond.
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WFD Consulting presented research on workplace flexibility for hourly workers at the Corporate Voices for Working Families Annual Partners meeting in May 2009.
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In The News

WFD President Debbie Philips is featured in Engineering Inc.'s Sept./Oct. 2018 article, "What Makes A Workplace Great?"
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WFD congratulates all of those selected as the 2020 Working Mother 100 Best Companies. We are especially proud to have partnered with many of the companies on the list as they developed and implemented work/life, flexibility, employee engagement, and diversity solutions to recruit, retain and engage talented employees and support working families.  
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New article: Back to School Stress: What Can Organizations Do to Help Employees Integrate Busy Lives with Busy Jobs?
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Did Serena Williams Lose the US Open due to Sexism? If she were a male player, would the umpire's actions have been different?
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